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With Rose & David

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Honolulu Rose and David Lake Louise

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We Begin - Manly Harbour, Queensland


At last, we left the MBTBC in Manly on Saturday the 30th of May 2015 @ 0820, headed off north to Caloundra with little wind, going North along side Bribie Island. Turn right (East) just before the shipping channel and keep going for about 400 nautical miles before doing a bit of North East towards Noumea, Dumbea Pass to be exact. Pretty uneventful trip with only 2 flying fish coming aboard. The only injuries were to the boat with a halyard block parting from the mast making our staysail unusable, also a bit of water ( a few drips ) came below from the port side headsail sheet block, one bolt decided it was time to be resealed. We arrived at Dumbea Pass on the 5th of June at about 1430hrs. Entered the lagoon and were anchored down by 1630hrs in the Baie de I'Orphelinat. Next morning called up Port Moselle Marina on the VHF Radio and they allocated us a berth on the Visitors Pontoon. Motored in and moored, did the paperwork for Customs, Quarantine came aboard and cleared us, now all we need to do is clear Immigration on Monday morning.

Come Monday, go for a walk to Immigration and five minutes later we are all cleared and legal to be in New Caledonia for 3 months.

Sail Noumea ( Brisbane to Noumea Yacht Race 2015 ) is in progress. One yacht arrived here on Monday the 22nd June and is now moored on the Visitors Pontoon, all 80 feet of it. Beau Geste is the boat that has set a new race record of 2 days 43 minutes and 6 seconds. It took us 6 days for the same distance! See some photos of Beau Geste by clicking the link below.

Friday the 26th of June, we left the Marina for Ilot Matre, spent the night there on a mooring, unfortunately, the Coral Palms comes and goes from the Marina, picking up and dropping off guests etc making a huge wash that sees us rocking and rolling very uncomfortably. This morning, Saturday the 27th we dropped the mooring and headed for Baie Maa where we are currently anchored, nice and calm and quiet.

Moved out of Maa to visit the dentist in Noumea, Rose broke a tooth, all fixed now! Left the dentist and off to Ile Uere, a nice little anchorage not far from the Casino Royal!

Moving right along, we are now anchored at Baie des Citrons which is the tourist strip for Noumea. We get free music from a night club after dark, not bad either.

After leaving Citrons, moved back to Baie de I'Orphelinat for a night, then back to Baie Maa, today, the 16th July, back in Port Moselle for some supplies etc..

Left the Marina for Baie du Prony, anchored Saturday night in the Canal Woodin at the "Pilote" anchorage. Sunday we upped anchor for Prony and picked up a mooring in Anse Majic, very nice and sheltered. Did the walk up to the light house, only took 25 minutes to the top. Tuesday we plan on moving to The Carenage.

Moved to The Carenage, spent a few days there, including the "Spa", very nice. Next place was a mooring at Ile Casy, on to Isle of Pines where we are at present

After Kuto, headed off to Baie de Tranquille, lovely place, very quiet, no other boats. Next Baie Ire in Canal Woodin, nice but a bit of swell coming in due to a bit of West in the breeze

After Ire, on to Ile Bailly then Snakeskin (Ile Uere). Today, Tuesday the 11th August sees us back in Port Moselle Marina for post and restocking.

Back in Baie Maa for a few days, been ashore to share some smoked tuna, very nice. A very quiet place to be, including the sea state, the anchorage is very still, the water clear and the remoras are friendly, especially when you feed them!

Been back in Noumea and Prony, now in Kuto, Isle of Pines for some days / weeks. Just back from the local market at Vao where we had breakfast and bought some local produce.

Click here for a Photo Album of Sea Life / Scenes Isle Of Pines

Last night, Sunday the 4th of September 2015, the Case de Kuto burned. It is used when the cruise ships are in and sells clothes and lots of tourist gifts, hand made crafts etc. It appears all stock was lost in the fire. The next cruise ship is due in on Saturday. Also this house also housed the free WiFi internet the cruise passengers use when ashore in Baie de Kuto, very sad to see. I believe this building actually belongs to the local Chief!

DemolitionCase de Kuto

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Left Baie de Kuto this morning (Monday the 12th October) for Baie de Prony, the Carenage, anchored here at 1530hrs, a lovely protected spot, but no TV reception!

We have ended up in the Marina at Port Moselle doing some provisioning etc for our return to Australia, carefully looking at the weather now..

Arrived back in Aus on Thursday morning the 5th November after a 6 day passage with pretty good weather. Next year?

Lots of Photos here:- Click!




Rose at the Lighthouse, New Caledonia

NZ North Island

Pitcher Plant

New Caledonia 2002 North Island New Zealand 2014 New Caledonia 2015
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